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Journey to Salvation

Nevada York's unique workbook Journey To Salvation helps you understand what are the core fundamentals of Christianity and how they can change your life.

"The biggest problem that most people face are layers of unbelief that blind them from the free gift of eternal salvation, which is Jesus Christ."

For the average person, this knowledge is taken for granted. Where do you wish your soul to spend eternal life? Whether you are among the most vocal doubters, the most faithful believers, or somewhere in between, Journey to Salvation is essential reading for your spiritual growth. Nevada York calls the salvation of Jesus Christ “soul insurance” because few people seem to understand that the soul is an eternal being in need of indemnity from Hell. Some people believe in reincarnation, others New Age, others are agnostic or atheist. However, the powerful testimonies shared within the Journey to Salvation will encourage the staunchest non-believer to question the root authenticity of their beliefs and make them long for the joy and happiness believers find in the Lord Jesus.

"Few writers have the ability to lay the facts of The Bible out to where I fully understand them. During a dark moment in my life, Nevada York’s Journey to Salvation gave me the much needed answers that my soul craved and assisted me on my path to find the light of Jesus Christ. I have finally found my peace." from Sean Michael, Riverside, California

As if the issue of Christianity weren’t explosive enough on its own, there are many factors and biases that keep people from believing that Jesus is the Son of God. As well, there are practical reasons, such as not understanding The Bible or insufficient knowledge of the salvation, love, and grace of Christ.

This comprehensive workbook is written to give you an opportunity to discover the truth and show you evidence that The Bible is the inherent Word of God. Learn More

Read an excerpt from "Journey To Salvation" (PDF)

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Mahogany's Revelation

Mahogany’s Revelation is the controversial sequel to Nevada York's blockbuster debut novel, Caught Up. Mahogany's Revelation drives readers to question their personal beliefs when Mahogany is forced to prove her deepest convictions to herself and friends: What is the truth about God? Is there life after death?

I have never thought about ‘Soul Insurance’ before. However, after reading Nevada York’s realistic woven account regarding the Last Days, many of my personal beliefs were shook. Mahogany’s Revelation caused me to find my own revelation. from R. Gonzalez, Bronx, NY

Friendships will be tested, lovers are pushed past their limits and a single choice, contested by society and government alike, leads to a shocking conclusion of its own in this provocative novel.

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Caught Up

Caught Up is Nevada York’s first poignantly, realistic, refreshing, and passionate novel. Caught Up established Nevada York as one of America’s rising Black authors. Her most sensual novel yet, Caught Up is the story of two best friends who face life’s tribulations of love…friends whose lives would be changed by the choices they made.

"I love Mahogany!! I never wanted Caught Up to end. Very rarely do characters touch my heart. Mahogany and Shanice are unforgettable characters. I couldn’t help but get swept away in their lives." from T. Brumfield, Pensacola, FL

Caught Up reaches out to the heart of every woman and man. Rising from the ashes of heartache and pain, Mahogany and Shanice will take you on life’s journey of love. Journeys that will make you laugh, cry, and thirst for more after finishing the last page.

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