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Prior to Salvation

Nevada York has published two novels. The first, "Caught Up" was published in 2001, followed by "Mahogany's Revelation" in 2004. Ms. York's first novel, Caught Up, glorifies living in worldly sin and went on to become a Best Seller in Essence Magazine.

As she grew closer to the Lord, Nevada wrote the sequel to Caught Up, Mahogany's Revelation. Mahagony's Revelation is a book that tells the story of Mahogany's spiritual growth as she discovers that she was indeed living in the End Times, a period of time prophesized in the Bible. This shocking revelation motivates Mahogony and other characters in the story to accept Jesus Christ and give up their sinful lifestyle.

Although those in religious circles may question and criticize the content of Caught Up, Ms. York believes that readers who are spiritually lost can strongly relate to the characters of Caught Up. These same characters are carried over into the sequel, Mahogany's Revelation and each undergoes major spiritual transformation. Mahogany
and her friends evolve into followers of Christ, giving the reader an honest reflection of how the Lord Jesus can bring one out of the spiritual darkness of living in sin.

After Salvation

In the summer of 2005, Nevada began publishing an monthly newsletter called "The York Perspective". Her mission is to spread the Gospel and share her perspective concerning the Biblical End-Times, political events, and relationships. Nevada York along with contributing writers publish unique and powerful thoughts into compelling articles within The York Perspective newsletter.

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Latest Projects

Ms. York's latest project is a workbook called "Journey to Salvation: Your Personal Reflection of Christ". This workbook is designed to assist lost souls who are searching for answers about Jesus Christ, and for those who don't know where to start.

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