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  • The Most Valuable Dialogue of Your Life - by Nevada York
  • How Do You Know When Someone is In Love With You? - by Pastor Ethan
  • End-Time Clock Ticking Away? - by Mrs. Fox
  • What Manner of Living is This? - by Tavenia
  • God is in Control When Nothing Else in this World Seems to Be. - by Nevada York
  • Your Mind is a Battlefield? - by Pastor Ethan
  • A Word from Mrs. Fox: LOOK!
  • Living Proof: We are Living in the Days of Noah - by Nevada York

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First Edition The York Perspective Contents:

  • The Power of Prayer by Nevada York
  • What Manner of Living is This? by Tavenia
  • End Time Clock Ticking Away? by Mrs. Fox
  • Consider Your Ways by "Pastor Ethan"
  • God is in Control by Nevada York
  • Your Mind is a Battlefield by "Pastor Ethan"
  • LOOK! by Mrs. Fox
  • Living in the Days of Noah by Nevada York
  • News Media by Mrs. Fox
  • Another War on the Horizon by Nevada York
  • America’s Decision Makers by Mrs. Fox
  • Feels Likes Heaven by "Pastor Ethan"
  • Does God Want What You Want? by Nevada York
  • Have Assurance in Your Relationship by "Pastor Ethan"
  • The End Prophesied Since the Beginning by Nevada York
  • Does the Truth Matter? by Mrs. Fox
  • My Brother Estus T. Berry Passes Away by "Pastor Ethan"
  • What Goes Around Comes Around by Mrs. Fox
  • And It Came to Pass… by Tavenia
  • Who is the Anti-Christ? by Nevada York
  • Civilized Nation vs. America by Mrs. Fox
  • And Lead Us Not into Temptation by Nevada York
  • Free DVD: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
    by Nevada York
  • When Is Someone in Love With You? by "Pastor Ethan"

Publisher/Editor: Nevada York
Production Director: Ethan Berry
Editorial Advisory Board: Diane Williams

The York Perspective 1st Edition is now available for purchase.
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